Looking for a Replacement as Mike Trout hits the DL

It’s a tough break for Trout, the Angels, and fantasy owners, but one could say this was overdue. MIKE TROUT HAS NEVER BEEN ON THE DISABLED LIST BEFORE TODAY. That’s mind-boggling to think about. But then again, what he does on the baseball field is pretty hard to believe. That being said, what should you do if you drafted Trout?

While trading him is an option, I’d only do that if you’re extremely desperate and someone offers you an irresistible deal. He’s expected to be out 5-8 weeks; most of you guys can survive that without your fantasy team sinking. But if you’re fading fast, do what you need to do.

The best option for most of you is to bench him and find a replacement. Obviously you won’t be able to find an equal replacement, but you could definitely try riding the hot hand for the next 5-8 weeks or even find a quality outfielder. This calls for another look at the waiver wire.

1. Cameron Maybin (45% owned in CBS Fantasy Leagues)

A fellow Angels outfielder, Maybin has been producing for his fantasy owners. While his overall stats are mediocre (.247 BA, 3 Hr, 12 RBIs), his walks (29), OBP (.370), and steals (12) are extremely impressive. In my league, he has 136 fantasy points. That’s more than Yelich, Trea Turner, Michael Brantley, Mark Trumbo, and Andrew McCutchen, to name a few. I’m not saying he’s better than any of those other guys, but don’t overlook him.

2. Aaron Hicks (61% owned in CBS Fantasy Leagues)

The Yankees saw something in Aaron Hicks that I didn’t see last year, but they may have been right – he’s off to a nice start to his 2017 campaign. He’s been an extremely well rounded fantasy player this season with 8 homers, 21 RBIs, a .291 average, an outstanding 27:23 BB:KO ratio, a .429 OBP, and 7 steals. If he were to keep up with this pace, that would amount to approximately 24 home runs, 63 RBIs, and 21 steals. The RBIs are lacking a little bit, but his production is not. Expect his RBI total to increase since he’s playing for the high-powered offensive of the Yankees. Like Maybin, he has 136 fantasy points (in my CBS Fantasy League).

3. Adam Frazier (51% owned in CBS Fantasy Leagues)

Adam Frazier is hitting at the top of the lineup for the Pirates these days. And you can’t be surprised – he’s hitting .327. He’s got a little bit of pop with 3 home runs and 18 RBIs in 110 at-bats. But his main production will be from getting hits, walks, and not striking out. He has a great 13:14 BB:KO ratio and a .408 OBP. He’s the ideal lead-off hitter for the Pirates and a source of stable fantasy points. He isn’t going to go off for a 40 point week (you wouldn’t think) but he could be a reliable replacement for Trout.


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